Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hook me up!

I have a friend who ardently believes that the first actor you see portraying James Bond in a movie will forever be your favorite movie James Bond throughout your life. His philosophy may explain both my preference for Sean Connery and my way of thinking about crochet hooks.

I learned to crochet on a pair of aluminum hooks that were passed on to me by my Aunt. She kept those hooks in a yellow, repurposed chocolate box. Today I keep my aluminum hooks in a green, repurposed glass flower pot I purchased at Goodwill for 15 cents. I tend to favor the same Boye crochet hooks that my aunt favored. I don’t know if it is in the design, or simply a fond childhood memory firmly rooted in my subconscious, but there is something about those hooks that just feels right in my hands.

Hooks have been made from various items over the years. Steel and bone hooks were the most popular from the 1900's until World War II, when rationing and the war effort curtailed hooks being made of steel. Boye introduced their aluminum hooks in 1949. Today you can find hooks in everything from steel, plastic, aluminum, bamboo, rosewood, ebony, clay and several other sources, natural & manmade. A quick search on Etsy will reveal a multitude of artisans creating custom and one of a kind hooks. There are also a growing number of people who collect vintage hooks. Something I have managed to avoid so far, but the quick search I did on eBay for this post made it tempting to start.

The bottom line is that there is no one ideal hook. Try a few out and go with what feels the most comfortable for you. There are no crochet police, so make sure you are always having fun with this! As long as the stitches are coming out okay, how you hold the hook and what material your hook is made of is entirely up to you.

What you choose to make with that hook (and some scrumptious yarn) is also entirely up to you. To help with that portion I'm giving away a copy of the new pattern book, Quick Crocheted Accessories (3 Skeins or Less) by Sharon Zientara


If you would like a chance to win this great new book with some really stunning patterns all you have to do is enter here: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. 

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I will be giving away more books in the future, some crochet, some knitting, some other stuff, so keep checking the blog or follow me on twitter for the latest news regarding my giveaways and your chance to win some fabulous books!


  1. Its really nice Kris,thank you for your post. check this out, it will be useful for you.

  2. That's sweet Kris. My grandmother was a "jack of all yarn", and she was a short woman. SO... she used empty coffee cans (you remember when coffee came in cans with plastic lids) to hold her skeins/balls of yarn. It had been washed out, dried very well, and then a quarter sized hole cut in the lid. It would then be placed in front of her chair and she would rest her feet on it while she worked on whatever the project was at the moment. I have two such coffee cans of my own.