Sunday, June 15, 2014

Coming Soon

I have two new patterns that will hopefully be up sometime this week. The samples are done which is half the battle. I took some quick pics today for the blog. They will need better ones for uploading, and I still have to transform the instructions from my design notebook to Word files, but I wanted to give everyone here a sneak peek. :)

First up is a currently unnamed, super simple, long sleeved, green shrug.  It's very basic, a great project for beginners. It started with my desire for a quick easy piece I could use that would comfortably fit with a casual look or with something a little more dressy. I like to wear tank tops but unfortunately I don't have the upper arms to accessorize those tank tops so I need a little bit of coverage. This shrug fit all of those needs. It uses a DK weight yarn and a K hook so it has a nice lacy look from a simple pattern of single and double crochets. 

The other project is a hat. It's tentatively called Toto. I have mixed feelings about this one. Some days I love it, some days I don't. Although the Styrofoam head that is wearing it doesn't seem too impressed. :)

I wanted to create a slouchy hat that could be worn in the summer and have a lot of interest from the back.  It does both of those things but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I started. The designers dilemma. I might need to make one for a test run on the streets of Boston before it goes up on Ravelry. Stay tuned. 

I am also working on two new scarf projects. The first draft of the patterns are in the handy dandy notebook and I am working on the first samples now. One is a project I can take with me during my daily commute and the other one involves color work so that is an at home project. 

More on those two soon. I am off to watch the delightful David Tennant on Masterpiece Mystery. Yeah!

Be Well!

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  1. I never get tank tops because of my upper arms too.